Oil Degradation

Avoid Problems when Your Oil Ages
Oil degradation - such as oxidation products, resin, sludge and varnish - is a common problem in many industries. When oil is being used in a machine, it will degrade over a period of time, depending on the type of oil, the temperature, operational conditions and the environment.


Oil degradation can have negative effects on lubrication and hydraulic system, and may result in corrosion, sticking valves, lacquering and varnish on metal surfaces. These problems may result in serious consequences for the performance of the machinery, and may reduce the reliability of the machines.


Documented results clearly demonstrate that removing oil degradation products eliminates unplanned production stops dramatically, increases the reliability and lifetime of expensive components.





CJC™ Fine Filters and CJC™ Filter Separators will maintain both oil and system cleanliness:

  • Longer oil life and less maintenance
  • Increased oil performance and increased productivity
  • Lower energy consumption and environmentally friendly


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