Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM

- also a Particle Counter

Our CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM - a particle counter - performs remote oil condition monitoring of wear generation in wind turbine gearboxes, allowing you to plan ahead and improve your ROI.



  • Improved ROI on the WTG investment
  • Optimized “lost production factor” 
  • Reduced number & severity of gearbox breakdowns



Analyzing on the smallest micron particles using the CJC™ OCM, gives the earliest possible warning for gearbox breakdown. This enables a controlled stoppage, rectify the problem and thereby reduce the severity and the economical consequence of the gear box problem.


The constant monitoring of the gearbox, combined with Scada data, gives the turbine manufacturer the strongest performance optimization tool, ensuring the best product cost/quality equilibrium. 



The CJC™ OCM is mounted on the filter-foot of the CJC™ HDU 27/-, ensuring optimum running conditions.


Online Trend Measuring

The CJC™ OCM can be delivered with a wireless data device for automatic connection to www.cjconline.dk. This enables web based trends on any computer using a standard web browser.




Predict – Prevent – Profit!