A 15/25 滤芯


The CJC™ A 15/25 Filter Insert is ideal for oil filtration of mineral and synthetic based

  • engine lube oils 
  • hydraulic oils 
  • honing oils 
  • quenching oils


Particle Removal
All CJC™ Filter Inserts have an oil filtration degree of 3 µm (micron) absolute. This means that 98.7% of all solid particles larger than 3 µm and approximately 50% of all particles larger than 0.8 µm are retained in one pass. 

The dirt-holding capacity of an A 15/25 Insert is 1.5 litres of evenly distributed solids.

Degradation Products
Oxidation by-products, resin / sludge, and varnish are retained by the cellulose material. The cellulose will retain appr. 1 kg of degradation products.

Water Removal
The water absorption potential is up to 50% (i.e., 750 ml H20) of the total contaminant holding capacity.

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