biogas conditioning unit


Currently in the final stages of development at C.C.JENSEN Ltd is the CJC™ Biogas Conditioning Unit which will remove up to 99% of siloxanes and moisture from sewage, digester and landfill gas on a continuous, unattended basis without the need for either replacement, regeneration or disposal of filter media. 
Biogas engine and/or turbine availability is increased whilst productivity and profitability are also significantly improved through a dramatic reduction in operational running costs i.e., substantial extension of engine oil and component life with longer service/overhaul intervals.
The CJC™ Biogas Conditioning Unit is designed to offer a highly cost-effective solution for the protection of combustion turbines and engines against the damaging effects of siloxanes and other volatile organic compounds in sewage, digester or landfill gas.
Landfill gas and Sewage gas, in particular, contain varying quantities of water, siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (voc’s). During combustion, siloxanes are converted to silicon dioxide (SiO2), which builds up as a grey/white ash in combustion chambers, exhausts, turbochargers, heat exchangers and catalysts, whilst, in the presence of moisture, H2S, chlorines and other voc’s form strong acids, which can corrode engine and exhaust components. 
Unless these contaminants are removed from the biogas, inevitable consequences include irreversible damage to valves, pistons, cylinder liners, bearings, turbochargers, catalytic converters and the premature destruction of engine oil, highlighted by poor TBN/TAN values and high Si and/or Cl levels in oil analyses. 
In the current financial climate and with ever tightening EA restrictions on odours/emissions from landfill and digester sites a CJC™ Biogas Conditioning Unit, combined with a fully managed CJC™ Biogas filter system, offers unsurpassed levels of biogas cleanliness.