C.C.JENSEN (GREECE) Ltd, located in Piraeus, is a subsidiary of C.C.JENSEN A/S, Denmark. We are a sales office that offers technical advice and support directly to our customers in Greece and Cyprus and through our representatives in the following countries:

  • Balkan
  • Eastern Europe
  • Turkey
  • North Africa

C.C.JENSEN has been active in Greece for 25 years through representatives, and since 2004 we have had our own subsidiary C.C.JENSEN (GREECE) Ltd in Piraeus. The purpose of the subsidiary is to extend and strengthen the activities in the region.

The company has 54 years of experience in the preventive maintenance of hydraulic and lubrication oil using CJC® Off-line Fine Filters and CJC® Filter Separators. The CJC® filters can remove and hold large amount of particles, water, oil degradation products, and oxidation products.

This gives our customers the 
direct benefits of lower maintenance costs
and less down time of the machinery

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