We offer technical advice, service and support to our Irish customers, of which most are from the Irish fishing fleet. We work together with service centres around the Irish coast in order to give the best possible service in cleaning e.g. diesel, engine lube, hydraulic and gear oil.

We provide solutions for customers with contamination problems and give advise on achieving clean oil in all types of systems. Clean oil helps your company prolong the life time of your system components, and reduces break downs.

The range of systems in which we have extensive know-how is wide, and the oil contamination we have experienced in Ireland includes water in steam turbine lube oil, varnish in gas turbine lube oil, gasses and water in transformer oil, or simply particles in hydraulic test bench or injection moulding machine. We can document the effect of CJC® with local Irish cases showing e.g. reduced wear and tear in the gear box of wind turbines.