oil filtration - clean oil & oil maintenance

Selecting the right oil maintenance system
Fluid Scandinavia Magazine (published in Danish)
by Steffen D. Nyman, CCJ A/S

Removing varnish with adsorption
Practicing Oil Analysis, Noria
By Justin Stover, C.C.JENSEN INC., USA

What is wear?
Internal CCJ Article
by Steffen D. Nyman

Filtration of oil and related benefits
by Chrisitan Juhl Thomsen, CCJ Ltd

Oxidation of oil
Fluid Scandinavia Magazine
by Henrik H. Jensen, CCJ A/S

Oxidation in lubricant base oils
The Filter, (CCJ Magazine)
by Laura C. Ancho, CCJ A/S, 2006

Cleaning oil systems, are you buying a solution or a product?
Internal CCJ Article
by Kim Kjaer, CCJ A/S, and Greg Combrink