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Cleaner Oil with CJC™ Offline Oil Filters
(Stenkoll interview with Sandvik & NCC, Sweden)

Sandvik and NCC’s Ramnaslätt in Sweden describe their experiences implementing CJC™ Offline Oil Filters on their crushers. Statements like: “When it comes to cone crushers, we recommend continuous filtration” and “We haven’t changed the oil since the installation”.

Today new Sandvik cone crushers are delivered with CJC™ Offline Oil filters allowing their customers to benefit from all the great advantages by clean oil.

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Article by Stenkoll, Krossordet, Sweden March 2017 (C.C.JENSEN AB, Sweden)

Prevent Expensive Downtime on Your Earth Moving Equipment

C.C.JENSEN has expanded their product portfolio with a series of CJC™ Heavy Duty filters, adapted to be installed in the rough and challenging mining environment. Tests show that the payback time on offline oil filters for e.g. dump trucks and excavators is extremely short and you can make considerable savings preventing unforeseen breakdowns and downtime. 
Article by Lars Rasmussen, journalist / Bjorn G. Martinsen, C.C.JENSEN A/S, Denmark

Most Oil Changes are waste of Money!

Field tests of the new CJC™ Mobile Flushing Unit (MFU) reveal how used gear oil turns cleaner than new oil. The CJC™ MFU saves time and unexpected breakdowns, and it’s is easy to operate.
Article by: Lars Rasmussen, Vid & Sans, June, 2012