upgrade kit for CJC oil filters


Performance Improvement for CJC™ Oil Filters

Lower your ISO codes and extend the lifetime of your gearbox by upgrading your already installed CJC™ Offline Filter with a CJC™ Upgrade Kit.

Wind turbines work in harsh environments. When high-viscosity oil is introduced into the gearbox, air will inevitably be introduced into the oil by the spray nozzles and the gears themselves.

Air-contaminated oil is a challenge in relation to filtration, since the air entrapped in the oil will expand when passing from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of the filter.

The expanding bubbles will compromise the efficiency of the filter. The CJC™ Upgrade Kit will deal with this challenge by applying a higher static pressure across the CJC™ Filter Insert, thereby allowing for a higher particle retention rate.

With a CJC™ Upgrade Kit you will improve the filtration efficiency of your installed CJC™ Oil Filter, with the following benefit as result:

  • Extended life of your gearbox  - by up to 50%
  • Lower the ISO code
  • Improved wind turbine availability
  • Even cleaner gear oil
  • Increased oil change interval
  • Increased lifetime mechanical components
  • Increased life-time on in-line inserts
  • Reduced cost for spare parts and oil

CJC™ Filter Upgrade Kit is designed for installation on the following CJC™ Fine Filter types:

The main parts in the  CJC™ Filter Upgrade Kit are:

  • Back pressure valve
  • CJC™ PV Pump 
  • (or new spring for bypass valve)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure switch

With the Quick Installation Guide it’s possible to carry out the installation in the nacelle during the yearly filter insert change. Installation time: 1 hour.

Customer Cases, learn how other customers benefit with CJC, please download from below Application Study library:


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