gear flushing unit, GFI1


The CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit, GFU1 is designed for fast and efficient cleaning of

  • New or refurbished gearboxes
  • Gearbox test systems on workshop floors and onsite.

It maintains the oil contamination level low during the flushing process and reduces this period to a minimum. Furthermore, the CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit has an integrated CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15, a particle counter with a fully automatic data logging system that documents the gear cleanliness during the entire cleaning process. Data can be transferred to a USB or LAN, and a report can be generated based on those data, using CJC™ Report Generation Tool on a computer. 

The flushing capacity of the CJC™ GFU1 reduces the cleaning time to a minimum with highest possible efficiency. This allows for optimum production output.
By using the CJC™ Gear Flushing insert, GFi with a very large dirt holding capacity, users will benefit from the lowest possible running cost on the market and long mean time intervals between services. 


  • High flushing capacity reducing cleaning time to a minimum
  • Plug and play flushing procedure    
  • Built-in CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15 for monitoring and logging of oil cleanliness
  • Data available directly on the GFU1 or transferred to a USB or LAN
  • Report documenting the gear cleanliness
  • Ensuring longer gearbox component life
  • Very large dirt holding capacity

The CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit has an automatic cleaning process program, which saves time. Push START and the gear flushing process will run fully automatically:

  • Filling the oil filter
  • Initial cleaning the oil entering the gearbox
  • Cleaning the gearbox oil
  • Documenting the result

The built-in CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15 makes it possible to do monitoring and logging of the oil cleanliness during the whole gear flushing process.

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the GFU1 Report, documenting the gear cleanliness

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