marine lube oil purifier


for Main & Auxiliary Engines, 4- and 2-stroke 
- meeting OEM requirements


The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier provides owners, operators and crews with a simple, cost effective and efficient method for maintaining LO quality, meeting OEM lube oil cleanliness requirements.


The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier is a reputed solution for maintaining LO quality. The purifier is installed off-line, similar to for example a centrifuge, except all aspects of installing, operating and maintaining are much more simple. The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier can be installed on both 4- and 2 stroke engines. Our credibility and heritage goes back more than 6 decades, but the principle of operation remains the same, except the fitted pump now provides clean oil 24/7/365. Furthermore, with the new line-up and selection of inserts we can deal with higher flows, better cleanliness, with lower consumption of filter inserts and can therefore be fitted on bigger engines than before.


  • Reduced LO consumption
  • Easy operation/maintenance
  • Energy saving due to no heating requirements
  • No sludge
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible design
  • Proven track record
  • Small footprint
  • Density independent
  • High dirt capacity
  • Reduced wear on parts
  • Lower emissions


Whether for retrofit or newbuilding, the CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier will have earned itself within the first year of operation, compared to other means of cleaning the lube oil.

If installed on newbuildings, the savings on related installation costs compared to other means of cleaning the lube oil is substantial. The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier is uncomplicated to maintain, so vessel crew will not only benefit from operating the unit without much maintenance, also the vessel owner will experience reduced operational costs for maintaining lube oil clean and dry.


The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Purifier can deliver 500-3000 l/h of clean, dry lube oil, enabling operation on very large engines. With a filtration rating of 3/0,8 micron and removal of water and varnish/soot, the CJC™ Filter Inserts reduce the wear on engine parts. The simple design means easy maintenance and uncomplicated operation without sludge production. Being an off-line solution, the quality of lube oil is unmatched.

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