The happy winners of ”Samarbejdsprisen 2016.
From the left trade union representative Kim Mortensen (3F), Tom Christiansen (Teknisk Landsforbund) and Jorgen Richard Hansen (Dansk Metal).
Herafter, CO-industris deputy chairman Mads Andersen and to the right C.C.JENSEN’s CEO Stig Due.
Foto: CO-industri.

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Article by CO-Industrien... (in danish)

C.C. Jensen A/S receives the CO-industri Cooperation Award 2016

C.C. Jensen A/S, which is based in Svendborg, has today received the CO-industri Cooperation Award 2016. Management and employees at the company received the award for their well-functioning cooperation on a daily basis, which is based on trust and respect for the individual worker.

In its daily work the company shows that when one invests in employee well-being, the return is clear, in the form of low absenteeism and skilled, loyal employees. The family-owned business has an average seniority of about 12 years.

 The company's works council focuses each of its meetings on employee well-being and a healthy psychological work environment, and twice a year the employees receive a share of the company's profits; they also have the opportunity to receive help from a psychotherapist paid for by the company, and they can clearly see their suggestions for improvements to the workplace being heard and implemented.

At C.C. Jensen the owners believe in treating each other fairly. 

 - "The phrase job satisfaction is also mentioned when we talk with union representatives. And it is this job satisfaction, trust and respect for the individual, which we would like to acknowledge in presenting C.C Jensen with the CO-industri Cooperation Award. At CO-industri we believe that good cooperation in the workplaces and well-trained employees are Danish industry's greatest competitive advantage in a globalised world," says Mads Andersen, chair of 3F's industry Group and deputy chair of CO-industri and TekSam, in connection with the presentation of the award today. He also notes that C.C Jensen offers all its employees English courses at a variety of levels, and dyslexic employees have the opportunity to enrol on Danish courses.

 - "I am also impressed by the fact that you offer your untrained employees the opportunity for apprenticeships in the metal sector – and at the same wages as they received previously, it is worth nothing," says Mads Andersen.

Union representatives Jørgen Richard Hansen (The Danish Metalworkers' Union, Dansk Metal), Kim Mortensen (United Federation of Danish Workers, 3F) and Tom Christiansen (The Danish Association of Professional Technicians, Teknisk Landsforbund) all nominated their workplace for the CO-industri Cooperation Award.

 - "The excellent cooperation – both between colleagues and between employees and management – comes from the business culture that we have at C.C Jensen. A business culture that is based on trust, respect and fairness, and where we try to speak to each other rather than about each other in order to create the greatest possible feeling of well-being and job satisfaction. A business culture that we must remember to safeguard and take care of every day as if it were a small child, we held in our arms," says Jørgen Richard Hansen, union representative, in connection with the presentation of the award.

Stig Due, managing director at C.C. Jensen, is pleased about receiving the CO-industri Cooperation Award.

 - "If it is not pleasant to go to work, efficiency drops, and we are no longer competitive, which we would like to continue being in order for us to retain our workplaces in Denmark. We have a family spirit and a culture that is built up from the inside over a great many years, where we take care of each other and look out for each other. A cooperation award carries with it an obligation, and we will do our very best to continue to be deserving of it," he said at the award ceremony.

The CO-industri Cooperation Award is awarded once annually as a recognition of those companies in the industrial sector that show a good, well-functioning cooperation between management and employees, to the benefit of productivity, competitiveness and employee well-being.

The union representatives in the industrial workplaces have nominated their workplace for the award.

A sculpture by the artist Stig Kalsing accompanies the CO-industri Cooperation Award. The sculpture symbolises the balance that should exist in the cooperation between employer and salaried employee.

Monday 24 October 2016