gaining foothold in China


Engaging Chinese specialists is the answer if you want to develop your business in the enormous Chinese market. The philosophy behind this attitude that C.C.JENSEN has pursued for more than a year is clear and simple: "He who is good at talking is good at selling. Knowing the culture and having the language as your mother tongue gives you an obvious advantage. This means that your approach to selling to the Chinese market is far more convincing" says George Deng, sales engineer at C.C.JENSEN, China, Co, Ltd.

George Deng has been involved since the beginning when, about a year ago, C.C.JENSEN opened its office in China. About the Chinese market he says: "It is an extremely interesting market for everybody. To me personally, it is interesting to sell C.C.JENSEN filters because they are used widely. This means that I am in contact with many different industries in China."

Like George Deng, also Natacha Knudsen, C.C.JENSEN’s Chinese born area sales manager for Asia, attended the Wind Power Asia 2008, the largest exhibition on the continent, that took place recently in Beijing. She says about the exhibition: "It is a highly relevant exhibition because it gathers interesting players from a number of different industries. I met many of my former colleagues and business associates, but most important - I also established a lot of new contacts."

And contact to the market is one of Natacha Knudsen’s main tasks, but also technical consulting to existing as well as to potential customers is of great importance. "In contrast to daily consumer goods we deal with a technical product of which some parts have to be changed every year. And the filters must be correctly installed to work perfectly. This is where I help existing customers, and in the case of new customers I explain how we can help them solve their problems."

Natacha Knudsen has a huge network of contacts, not only in the Chinese market but in the entire Asian market. She concludes: "We have distributors within the majority of the large industrial sectors, naturally including marine and wind energy. But we want to include some more, and therefore I am constantly on the road. Actually, I have just returned from Indonesia where I met our new distributor for that market."