EC / EO / EL 15/25

Selecting the correct CJC® Filter Insert for acidity neutralization requires a dialogue with C.C.JENSEN. Find your local CJC® supplier.

Ion exchange inserts work by adsorbing acidic compounds from the oil. They consist of a polyester needle felt filled with granulated fuller's earth, activated alumina or ion-exchange resin beads. 

The ion exchange inserts should be used in conjunction with a type A or B CJC® Filter Insert.

  • The CJC® EC Filter Inserts consist of fuller's earth / Attapulgus clay, a natural product used for acidity neutralisation since 1966
  • The CJC® EO Filter Inserts consist of aluminium oxide, a synthetic product first used in 1970
  • The CJC® EL Filter Inserts consist of beads of ion-exchange resins (polymeric neutralisation resins)

Oil samples of "Transformer oil regeneration" before and after a CJC® Ion Exchange Treatment

Example curve of TAN reduction at Ortviken T5 transformer

Example curve of TAN reduction at Sira Kvina transformer

Product Sheets

Filter Insert EO 15/25
Filter Insert EL 15/25
EC _15-25_PSFI3060UK