marine lube oil filter
for 4-stroke diesel engines


The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Filter system provides owners and operators with a simple, cost effective and efficient method for maintaining L.O. quality, meeting OEM lube oil cleanliness requirements. 

The CJC™ Marine Lube Oil Filter is tailored specifically for cleaning of lubricating oil on 4-stroke diesel engines. The oil filter system is installed offline, similar to, for example, a centrifuge, except all aspects of installing, operating and maintaining are much more simple.

The CJC™ Flow Drive1) features automatic adjustment of the cleaning capacity to ensure continuous, efficient and economic cleaning both when engine is running and when kept in stand-by. The CJC™ Flow Drive and a series of distinctive CJC™ LO4 Filter Inserts makes the system ideal for a variability of engine service and load patterns. Applicable for all types of applied fuel including MDO, MGO and HFO.

With an availability of >98% and the correct choice of CJC™ LO4 Filter Inserts, the oil filter will satisfy the OEM lube oil condition requirements and normally also increase the lube oil service life and the interval between major overhaul. 


  • Engine SLOC [g/kWh] is reduced by up to 60% 
  • Energy savings in the range of 80% - 97% hold against traditional offline lube oil cleaning equipment


  • Increased lube oil service life
  • Continuous cleaning 24/7/365 – regardless of engine is running or in stand-by
  • Availability >98% 
  • Unfussy to operate
  • Uncomplicated maintenance
  • No uncontrolled lube oil waste to sludge


  • Easy retrofit and installation
  • No pre-heater and pre-heater control equipment
  • No need for treated water or pressurized service air
  • Small foot print


  • Fulfills relevant statutory rules along with class society regulations 
  • Verified and design approved by major class societies
  • Validated and recommended by major engine makers

1) Patent pending

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