gear flushing unit, GFI1


The CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit, GFU1 is designed for fast and efficient cleaning of

  • New or refurbished gearboxes
  • Gearbox test systems on workshop floors and onsite.

It maintains the oil contamination level low during the flushing process and reduces this period to a minimum. Furthermore, the CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit has an integrated CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15, a particle counter with a fully automatic data logging system that documents the gear cleanliness during the entire cleaning process. Data can be transferred to a USB or LAN, and a report can be generated based on those data, using CJC™ Report Generation Tool on a computer. 

The flushing capacity of the CJC™ GFU1 reduces the cleaning time to a minimum with highest possible efficiency. This allows for optimum production output.
By using the CJC™ Gear Flushing insert, GFi with a very large dirt holding capacity, users will benefit from the lowest possible running cost on the market and long mean time intervals between services. 


  • High flushing capacity reducing cleaning time to a minimum
  • Plug and play flushing procedure    
  • Built-in CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15 for monitoring and logging of oil cleanliness
  • Data available directly on the GFU1 or transferred to a USB or LAN
  • Report documenting the gear cleanliness
  • Ensuring longer gearbox component life
  • Very large dirt holding capacity

The CJC™ Gear Flushing Unit has an automatic cleaning process program, which saves time. Push START and the gear flushing process will run fully automatically:

  • Filling the oil filter
  • Initial cleaning the oil entering the gearbox
  • Cleaning the gearbox oil
  • Documenting the result

The built-in CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15 makes it possible to do monitoring and logging of the oil cleanliness during the whole gear flushing process.

Please click to enlarge picture of example of
the GFU1 Report, documenting the gear cleanliness

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