trender tool


Online service for monitoring oil & equipment conditions 

Online tool that provides instant documentation of oil conditions of your machinery.
Continuously displays and analyses parameters defined in the installed sensor package – options:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Particles (CJC® OCM15) according to ISO 4406 or raw counts
  • Relative oil humidity in %
  • Load (optional)
  • On/off
  • Oil quality (optional)

The CJC® Trender Tool offers you access to logged online data as well as historical data showing trends - all readily available on the CJC® Offline Oil Filters.

It also monitors the status of the CJC® Filter Insert and provides a warning when insert change is recommended. The CJC® Trender Tool can also provide you warning levels for the sensor values. Data can be exported to CSV-files for further analysis and reports can be generated for documentation of important events.

Please see the User Manual CJC® Trender Tool for more detailed description of the functions.

BENEFITS  -  Peace of Mind:

  • Early warning, if trend rises
  • Warning when attention is needed and assistance to fault finding - reduce risk of unplanned shut downs and overhauls
  • Instant and accessible oil condition monitoring

Longer Lifetime of Machinery and Oil:

  • Support to more precise decision making in cases of overhauls, refurbishments and repair intervals

Cost Savings:

  • Low cost oil condition monitoring – especially in remote applications
  • Potentially reduce risk of un-planned shut downs and overhauls  - reduced downtime
  • Longer component and oil lifetime


  • Remote Monitoring of Sensor Data
  • Documentation of Oil/Machine condition
  • Report Generation
  • Warnings & Notifications
  • Data Export
  • Equipment Log Book

Examples of screen dump views for Marine and Wind applications.
CJC® Trender Tool is applicable with all applications, also Power, Mining and Industry applications