tankers – hydraulic cargo pump system (FRAMO)

One of the most common cargo pump systems used on tankers is the FRAMO cargo pumps. The hydraulic system works as a ring line, which often also supplies thrusters and winches as well. The hydraulic systems have to be kept free from particles, water and varnish to function perfectly. Cargo pumps are essential parts of the tankers off-loading operation.

The hydraulic oil in the cargo pump system will be contaminated with particles, condensation water and oxidation residues, which could lead to malfunctioning valves, and pumps. Systems are typically idle for a long period, and when taken into use, you can experience sticking valves caused by oxidation residues, and then it will not function perfectly. Eventually, this can lead to higher maintenance costs and ultimately to loss of cargo operation. The existing filters do not remove oxidation residues.

Benefits, installing CJC™ Oil Filters

  • Protect your investment
  • Optimise efficiency of the tanker vessel during unloading
  • Reduce risk of cargo pump repairs
  • Reduce risk of off-hire
  • Reduced maintenance costs

When you install a CJC™ Oil Filter solution on your cargo pump system you ensure perfect operation and avoid off-hire. You get an oil filter with excellent dirt, water and oxidation removal capacities, and the highest dirt holding capacity. This gives you cost savings and better reliability of the system, and a high efficiency of your tanker vessel. 

Technically, CJC™ is known for keeping oil clean, dry and without oxidation residues, which is documented over many years and in several tanker vessel cargo pump installations. CJC™ Oil Filter solutions are installed with many shipowners worldwide. 

When you choose CJC™ Oil Filters, you ensure a long lifetime of the cargo pump system, reduce maintenance and you avoid unplanned breakdowns. You can even monitor the condition of your system using the Oil Contamination Monitor.

Your solutions
For FRAMO systems on tankers, you will need:

  • CJC™ Fine Filter, HDU 
  • with or without CJC™ Oil Condition Monitor, OCM15

The CJC™ System solutions fit all sizes and types of cargo pump systems – new or old, and we deliver globally where required. In close co-operation with technical organizations, we help select the correct solution depending on system type and conditions in the environment. 


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