Kinross, Chirano Goldmine, Ghana

TOTAL POTENTIAL SAVINGS  - 681,800 USD / year on: 

  • oil savings
  • extended oil change intervals
  • increased service & overhaul intervals
  • reduced wear on engines

Kinross, Chirano Goldmine, Ghana

System: 40 off Volvo FMX 440 mining trucks
Oil type: Engine lube oil

Dirty environment and rough operating conditions demanding engine lube oil changes every 500 hours because of poor viscosity and high ISO Codes. High wear rates on engines. As trucks operate 6,000 hours per year, this gives too many service intervals and engine overhauls.

CJC® Heavy Duty HD HDU 15/12 with CJC® Filter Inserts BG 15/12 were installed on board kidney loop filter.

Financial benefits
Annual savings, when full implementation on the fleet of 40 Volvo FMX 440 mining trucks equal 681,800 USD. (594,000 in engine running costs; 27,000 in labour costs and 60,800 in oil costs).

Environmental Benefits
Reduction in annual oil consumption with 30,400 litres engine oil, from 36,480 litres to 6,080 litres.

Test was conducted on one unit. The test proved that oil change intervals could be extended from every 250 hours to well beyond 1,500 hours; and that engine wear could be significantly reduced by keeping oil clean during operation with kidney loop filtration.

With full implementation, elimination of 320 service intervals and 9 major overhauls per year. As Kinross operates 40 Volvo FMX 440 trucks on site – the target is that each truck operates 6,000 hours per year. Extending the service intervals from 500 hours to 1,500 hours means Kinross can reduce annual service intervals from 480 to 160 intervals per year. This gives significantly less downtime. Moreover, a Volvo FMX 440 needs major engine overhaul every 10,000 hours. For a fleet of 40 trucks, this averages 24 overhauls per year. Keeping the oil clean during operation, enables Kinross to extend engine overhaul to 18,000 hours, which means only 13 overhauls per year - each at a cost of 66,000 USD per engine and 3,000 USD in labour.

Application study written by:
Mr. Edwin Togobo, Multi Tech Service (WA), Limited, Ghana &
Mr. Palle Maschoreck, C.C.JENSEN A/S, Denmark

in cooperation with:
Kinross, Chirano Goldmine, Ghana

Installation year:

Wednesday, 18th May 2016