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Growing the market together, creating value for your customers!
C.C.JENSEN has a network of service centers, CJC™ Clean Oil Partner.

We focus on helping independent service providers delivering clean & dry oil to the aftermarket.
Our CJC™ Clean Oil Partner network is a loyalty based partnership, where our knowledge about clean & dry oil reveals the potential hiding in your customer’s wind turbines.
The closer committed your service centre is to the CJC™ Clean Oil Partner, the greater potential and benefits.

As a CJC™ Clean Oil Partner you get:

  • Best possible price on CJC™ Filter Inserts in the aftermarket
  • World-class clean oil training of service engineers, service managers, sales engineers
  • Strong business case for retro-fit projects  
  • Co-branding
  • Oil analysis support
  • Technical support
  • Pre-view on product launches

Potential increase in your Turnover!
Becoming CJC™ Clean Oil Partner, an analysis has revealed a potential increase in turnover of up to EUR 1.0 million per 100 Wind Turbines in Service.

Does your company have a high potential as a CJC™ Clean Oil Partner?
For further information and to learn more about becoming a CJC™ Clean Oil Partner, please contact

Key Account Manager, Carsten V. Jensen,
Click to see companies who have already joined the CJC™ Clean Oil Partner network.


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