The CJC® Pressure Gauge is used to monitor the pressure drop over the offline oil filtration system. The Pressure Gauge is suitable for use on CJC® Fine Filters and Filter Separators.

The CJC® Pressure Gauge Kit for Mini Mess can be used on CJC® Filters that are equipped with a Mini Mess Test Coupling.

The Pressure Gauge provides an indication of pressure drop and when to replace the filter insert(s). As contaminants are captured and retained by the filter, the result is an increase of pressure caused by resistance to flow. It is advisable to replace the filter insert(s) before the dial enters the red zone.

Applicable with the following CJC Products:

HDU Fine Filters
Offline Oil Filtration Systems, for removal of particles, water and oil degradation products

PTU Filter Separators
Offline Oil Filtration Systems, for removal of particles and oil degradation products and water separation

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