why clean & dry oil is a must

Research shows that 80% of oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil!
Preventive oil maintenance is therefore an important factor to ensure optimum equipment reliability and avoid system breakdown.

With CJC® Oil Filters installed, you ensure continuous clean and dry oil, increase uptime, extend component and oil lifetime, resulting in savings on your maintenance costs. All of which leads to reduced environmental impact due to many litres of waste oil saved every year.

what we do

C.C.JENSEN - the global leader in oil maintenance with more than 60 years of experiences - designs and manufactures CJC® Oil Filtration solutions for removal of particles, water, acidity and oil degradation products (varnish) from hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oils, diesel fuels etc.

Our CJC® Filter Inserts are made of 100% natural cellulose fibres from sustainable resources: No metal, no plastics, and no chemicals.

Find your system and contact us, so we can support you in selecting an optimum solution for your best long-term investment ever, through a professional partnership.

how you benefit by installing CJC® Offline Oil Filters

Please be inspired from our video collection with installation guides, how to replace CJC® Filter Inserts, oil condition monitoring etc. and learn how easy oil maintenance can be for you with CJC® - your natural solution for optimum oil maintenance.

Learn how Solstad Offshore eliminated sludge problems in their fuel

and how they benefitted replacing their centrifugal separator with a CJC® Engine Lube Oil Filter…

Large order for thruster EAL oil maintenance for large Asian shipowner.

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