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C.C.JENSEN offers three kinds of CJC® Filter Inserts, type A removing all four contamination types in one and the same process: particles, water, varnish and acidity.

1. Type A:

CJC® A Filter Inserts, designed for filtration of small volume hydraulic and lubricating oils. Due to the relatively high pressure loss compared to other CJC® Filter Inserts, the A are best suited for low viscosity or warm oils.

Used for maintenance of below applications:

  • Small hydraulic systems 
  • Small engines e.g. generator sets
  • Small lubricating oil systems

2. Type AA:

The CJC® AA Filter Insert is based on the technology used in the A Filter Inserts, but are reinforced and optimised for high flow rates of wash oil used in metal plate stamping/deep drawing applications.

Used for the maintenance of the below applications: 

  • Wash oil, steel pressing

3. Type AK:

CJC® AK Filter Inserts, designed for removal of humidity from low viscosity oils or warm oils, where below 50 ppm humidity content is required. The CJC® AK Filter Inserts are based on the standard A Filter Inserts, but extra dried and vacuum packed, so the cellulose filter media contains no humidity. 

Used for maintenance of below applications:

  • Transformers
  • Tap Changers
  • Small hydraulic systems


How do you ensure clean & dry oil
Remember to change CJC® Filter Inserts according to pressure gauge or at least once a year in order to ensure clean & dry oil! Click here to learn how to replace a filter insert.

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