MS filter inserts

Specially designed for efficient water removal and maintaining low water levels

CJC® MS Filter Inserts adsorb all states of water - dissolved, emulsi­fied and free water from both mineral and synthetic oils. CJC® MS Filter Inserts contain Molecular Sieve, a super adsorp­tion media designed to efficiently remove water from oil. It is the preferred solution used to obtain and maintain very low water level in mineral transformer oils.  It can also be used to remove dissolved water from synthetic oils, glycol and ester based oils. 

The MS Filter Inserts must be used in combination with CJC® cellulose Filter Inserts as post filters, either in the last stage of a CJC® HDU multi stay Filter or in a CJC® HDU single stay Filter using hybrid Filter Inserts. 

Applicable in the following oils:

  • Mineral oil
  • Hydraulic fire resistant fluids (HFD) 
  • Glycol oil  - Polyalkylene glycols (PAG) 
  • Ester oil  - Polyolester oil (POE), Phosphate Ester Oil, Environmentally acceptable Lubricants (EAL) and biodegradable oils

Used in the following applications:

  • Transformer insulation
  • Gear and bearing lubrication
  • Hydraulic systems 
  • Compressor lubrication
  • Electro-Hydraulic control (EHC) of Steam Turbines
  • Turbine lubrication 
  • Engine lubrication 

User Benefits

  • Removing water
    The CJC® MS Filter Insert has very high water adsorption and hold­ing capacity independent from oil temperature, base oil type and additives. It will adsorb and remove water from mineral and syn­thetic , glycol and ester based oils, no matter what state the water is in; dissolved, emulsified or free water.
  • Prolonging the oil life time and avoiding oil change
    Water is an oxidation catalyst and primary cause of hydrolysis in ester oil leading to accelerated oil degradation. Removing water from the oil and keeping it dry result in extended oil life time.  
  • Preventing failures and mitigating risk of downtime 
    Water causes friction, wear and  corrosion. Keeping the oil dry ensures extended component lifetime and lower O&M costs.

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