No varnish - no trip

Turbine trips are as costly as they are frustrating - from the floor up to the CEOs office. That is why we developed the CJC® Varnish Removal Unit VRU more than 10 years ago. A small upgrade to your plant that reduces oil and varnish-related turbine trips and downtime.

CJC® Varnish Removal Unit VRU

A cost-efficient solution to a common problem. Instead of time-consuming and wasteful oil changes, our CJC® VRU continually removes varnish and cleanes your turbine’s lubricant, leading to increased oil lifetime. This comes with several benefits:​

  • 80% drop in oil-related turbine trips & downtime​
  • MPC of below 15 guaranteed​
  • 50% shorter oil service time during outage​
  • 75% reduced oil consumption


Don’t just take our word for it

To get a hands-on description of our CJC® VRU at work, Saudi Aramco has kindly written a detailed description of their succes with reducing varnish and how it has impacted their business. Click below and download the article.

5 x Customer Cases

Learn how other customers benefit from having varnish free oil in their steam and gas turbine systems, after installing the CJC® Varnish Removal Unit, VRU.

Naturgy, CCC Aceca, Spain

Lube & Hydraulic oil, Gas & Steam Turbine GE 109FA, Combined Cycle Single Shaft

I positively value the effectiveness of the treatment in the short term (6 months), allowing us to prolong the lifetime of the oil, with the corresponding cost savings and reduction of the waste generated

Mr. Álvaro García García, Maintenance Manager at Naturgy, CCC Aceca - a Spanish utility company operating power plants in Spain & Latin America

Barcelona Carton, Barcelona, Spain

Lube Oil, Gas Turbine GE40MW, Cogeneration Plant

The CJC® VRU reduced the MPC value from 36.5 to 7.6 - stable and controlled levels, giving us peace of mind and the security of having clean, varnish free oil"

Mr. Roberto Ledesma, Head of Maintenance at Barcelona Carton which is a manufacturer og coated paperboard made from recycled fibers (WLC) and virgin fibers (FBB). It is the largest producer of WLC in Spain and the only one producing FBB.

Major Power Plant, South Carolina, USA

Lube & Control Oil, Combined Cycle, Natural Gas Turbine, GE7FA, Power Plant

We installed the CJC® VRU, within a short time, the varnish problems we were experiencing, diminished. Our varnish levels dropped to very low levels and we have not experienced servo problems since

Manager of Operations & Maintenance at Major Power Plant in South Carolina, USA

Cogeneration Plant, Salzburg, Austria

Turbine Oil, ALSTOM Gas Turbine GT8C2, 56 MW, Cogeneration Plant

Due to the continuous fine filtration of the oil by the CJC® VRU, the MPC value dropped from 54.9 to below 10 resulting in flexible turbine operation. Furthermore, no need for oil change.

The customer is Salzburg AG, Cogeneration Plant, Austria. The power plant, one of the most modern combined heat and power plants in Europe, supplies town and region with district heating and electricity.

TIRME Environmental Technology Park, Spain

Lube Oil - Steam Turbine, Siemens SST-400, 65 MW

The MPC decreased from 41.6 to 16.3 over a period of 47 days. Removing varnish resulted in eliminated risk of failure on heat exchangers, valvs and bearings. 

TIRME is an urban waste management plant.

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General & Technical Info

A cost-efficient solution to a common problem. Instead of time-consuming and wasteful oil changes, our CJC® VRU continually cleans your turbine’s lubricant, leading to increased oil lifetime and reduced unplanned turbine trips.
The CJC® VRU has an unheard high efficiency in removing soft contaminants from oil - dissolved and suspended – even from hot operating gas and steam turbines. 
To learn more about the technical specifications, functionality etc, download our Product Sheet and Brochure. 

Green CJC® Filter Inserts - 100% natural cellulose

Many varnish and oil-cleaning solutions use chemicals.

We’ve chosen a greener approach.

Our CJC® VRi Varnish Removal inserts are produced of 100% natural cellulose, “no chemical, no plastic, no metal”.

Our patented CJC® VRU unit permanently removes varnish and oil contaminants, keeping your oil clean.

And by cleaning and reusing existing oil instead of changing it, you will significantly reduce your oil consumption and oil disposal.

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about our CJC® Varnish Removal Unit, please don’t hesitate to reach out or get contacted by one of our System Experts.