EL Filter Inserts

Specially designed for elimination of oil degradation products and reduction of acidity

The CJC® EL Filter Inserts are used for removing oil degradation products, reducing varnish and acidity and increasing the resistivity of the oil. EL Filter Inserts contain ion exchange resins for selective ion exchange reactions. The EL Filter Inserts may be used to remove varnish and acidic oil degradation products from synthetic oils and thus reduce the TAN and MPC value. They are ideal for removing acids created during hydrolysis of ester oils.  

The EL Filter Inserts must be used in combination with CJC® cellulose Filter Inserts as post filters, either in the last stage of a CJC® HDU multi stay Filter or in a CJC® HDU single stay Filter using hybrid Filter Inserts. 

Applicable in the following oils:

  • Hydraulic fire resistant fluids (HFD) 
  • Glycol oil - Polyalkylene glycols (PAG) 
  • Ester oil - Polyolester oil (POE), Phosphate Ester oil, Environmentally acceptable Lubricants (EAL) and biodegradable oils

Used in the following applications:

  • Gear and bearing lubrication
  • Hydraulic systems 
  • Electro-Hydraulic control (EHC) of Steam Turbines
  • Compressor lubrication
  • Turbine lubrication 
  • Engine lubri­cation 

User benefits:

  • Reduction of TAN and MPC, Increase of Resistivity 
    CJC® EL Filter Inserts eliminate acidic oil degradation products and varnish, lower MPC and TAN and increase the Resistivity of the oil. 
  • Prolonging the oil life time and avoiding oil change
    CJC® EL Filter Inserts eliminate oil contami­nants and degradation catalysts, restore and maintain the oil in good condition.
  • Preventing failures and mitigating risk of downtime 
    Clean oil ensures reduced wear, extended component lifetime and lower O&M costs.

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