filter inserts

Increase lifetime of both oil and system components 

With CJC® Oil Filter Inserts you get clean & dry oil which is the key to reliable system operation. C.C.JENSEN is the global leader in offline oil filtration with decades of experience on the worldwide markets. With the unique combination of our CJC® Offline Oil Filtration systems and the genuine CJC® Filter Inserts, you get the best combination, with the highest Contamination Holding Capacity on the market.

Filter inserts with Contamination Capacities

CJC® Filter Inserts have outstanding contamination capabilities of up to 4 kg and even more per CJC® Filter Insert depending on application. Build-up as a modular design, allows them to fit any application and system sizes. All CJC® Filter Inserts have oil filtration degrees of 3 µm (micron) and below. This means min. 98.7% of all solid particles larger than 3 µm are retained in one pass. The Filter Inserts are removing both particles, water, varnish and acidity.

Depth filtration vs. Pleated Filters

CJC® Filter Inserts are depth filters and due to the unique construction of the bonded discs and the special cellulose-based material, it creates a huge filtration area. This large filter mass makes this unmatched high Contamination Capacity possible. Even cellulose filters are not alike and C.C.JENSEN has been refining the moulded discs technology for decades. 

Dirt Holding Capacity creates value

Offering the highest Dirt Holding Capacities (DHC) on the market is very favourable, as the dirt holding capacity per CJC® Filter Insert based on cost per CJC® Filter Insert. This results in a cost per kg removed contamination that is 10 times lower than alternative solutions on the market, resulting in reduced cost of ownership.

Oil Types

The CJC® Filter inserts are used for maintenance of almost all oil types; 
Hydraulic oils, gear oils, lube oils, mineral/synthetic oils, engine lube oils for 2&4-stroke engines, diesel fuel (MGO, MDO, LSFO), gas oils, quench oils, heat transfer oils, honing oils, rolling oils, transformer oils, gas engine oils, phosphate esters (HFD), tap changer oils, insulating oils, refrigerator compressor lube oils, bearing lube oils, turbine oils, EAL, glycol-based fluids (PAG), water glycol-based fluids (PEG), water based fire resistant fluids (HFA, HFB), water based machine tooling fluids etc. 

Sustainable solution
CJC® Filter Inserts are produced from 100% natural cellulose fibres. Natural organic sustainable fibres are nature’s best with properties superior to those of synthetic fibres. Natural cellulose fibres come in many sizes and shapes. To make the best Filter Inserts, we mix and treat raw fibres before making our unique composition and design - 100% natural cellulose fibres - no metal, no plastic, no chemicals.


How do you ensure clean & dry oil

Remember to change CJC® Filter Inserts according to pressure gauge or at least once a year in order to ensure clean & dry oil! Click here to learn how to replace a CJC® Filter Insert.