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A DIRTBOX or a Gearbox?

How to use Offline Filters to Rescue Dirty Gearboxes.
80% of damage done to a Gearbox is caused by Dirt!
Article by Justin Stover, C.C.JENSEN Inc. USA

Comments from Reliability Engineer:
“The amount of wear metals has decreased significantly! Since we have installed the unit, we haven’t had to change the oil at all since it has been so clean. Typically it has oxidized by now and is black. We haven’t seen any of that yet. So far we are very pleased with the results.”

Knowledge is Profit! Learn how to lower Your Lost Production Factor

The rotor of a WTG will easily top 200 million revolutions in 20 years. Wear is enormous. Not least to the gearbox where numerous particles are released from the components to the oil. But if you monitor the size and number of these particles, you can forecast serious problems, optimise operation and schedule maintenance well in advance.

Article, by C.C.JENSEN A/S 
re product launch, CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM

PR: How to Monitor Contamination in Gearbox Oil and get a Profit

International filtration specialist C.C.JENSEN A/S introduces a new oil-contamination monitor that will help Wind Turbine owners and manufacturers reduce gearbox problems and increase availability of their WTGs.

Press Release, by C.C.JENSEN A/S
re product launch, CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM

Effective Contamination Control for Gearboxes

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