when did you last change your filter insert?

CJC® Filters need new filter inserts at least once a year to ensure Clean & Dry oil

Easy to change - but hard to remember
A change of filter inserts is easy – the difficult part is to remember doing it from one year to the next. This is why we have made this memo-folder and sticker as a small reminder.
Help yourself to remember
This label helps you remember when to change CJC® Filter Inserts - in due time! 

Please, tick off X when you replace the dirty and saturated inserts with new and clean CJC® Filter Inserts or at startup of a new CJC® Oil Filter

80% of all breakdowns in oil systems are related to contamination of the oil
You are probably familiar with the CJC® Fine Filters, which remove particles, oil degradation and oxidation products as well as water from oil.
The cleanliness level achieved by CJC® Filters means that the predicted lifetime of machine components and oil is expected to be extended by a factor of 2-10. The benefits are less maintenance, increased productivity and lower energy consumption.

Filter Inserts need to be changed at least once a year
To achieve the above mentioned benefits, the filter inserts need to be changed at least once a year, because of accumulated oil degradation products (oxidation, etc.) - no matter what the pressure gauge indicates. Otherwise, the filter efficiency will decrease and the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions of components in the oil system will rise considerably.  

What is the general condition of your oil?
Why filter inserts must be changed at least once a year. The pressure gauge on top of the CJC® Filter indicates if the filter insert is due for change because of the absorbed amount of particles and water - but the pressure gauge does not indicate the amount of oil degradation products (oxidation, etc.). That is why the filter insert must be changed at least once a year - even if the pressure gauge has not yet increased to 1.5 bar.

Why worry about oxidation products?
It is easy to imagine oil contamination by particles and water. But what about oil degradation products (oxidation, etc.)? In short, they involve a series of reaction forming acid- and polymerized compounds, forming lacquers or varnish deposits on metal surfaces in the oil system - causing great trouble!

Check the condition of your oil 
Contact C.C.JENSEN if you are worried about the general condition of your oil. A test will show if the condition of the oil is OK - or if it is contaminated by particles, oil degradation products or water.

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Date: 02.06.2008

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