CJC™ - your natural solution 

Only one oil filter as natural
as the energy you produce

Clean & dry oil is the key to reliable wind turbine operation, and C.C.JENSEN is the global leader in oil filtration. We use 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources: No metal, no plastics, and no chemicals.
... and here is your key 
to future oil filtration

With our newest oil filtration technology, you get an intelligent solution, providing you with benefits like:

Intelligent inside

  • Enhanced structural stability
  • Continuous air bleed
  • Pressurization - improved performance

Unit simplicity

  • Reduced number of components
  • Easy maintenance – no loose parts
  • Easy filter insert change

Easy to handle

  • Very lightweight unit  – only 15 kg
  • Fast and low cost installation
  • Flat-bottom design

Smart savings

  • Increased component lifetime
  • Fast filter insert exchange < 5 minutes
  • Increased capacity – up to 40%

 ... and still increasing the lifetime of your oil

Protect your body and your systems with nature's best
Just as organic olive oil is healthy for your body, clean & dry oil is essential for your wind turbine. Choose nature’s best olive oil for yourself, and choose the leading offline oil filtration system for your gearbox & pitch hydraulic system - your natural solution.
Remember, it’s not just your gearbox & pitch that can benefit from nature’s best; extra virgin olive oil contributes to the operational health of your body and is high in protective antioxidants and vitamins.



For further information, please contact:
Mr. Sergi Roca Mérida, Global Segment Manager, [email protected]


Visit our CJC™Oil Filter product range to find out how you can ensure clean and dry oil in your wind turbine, gearbox and your pitch hydraulic.


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