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Oil in quenching plants - open baths and closesd baths - is exposed to very high contamination rates. Carbon deposits, dust, metal particles and rust are invariably introduced into quench oil when parts are hardened. Water ingress is introduced through condensation or cooler leakage.

Oil degradation products and the consequent oxidation by-products are other typical contamination sources due to high temperatures. CJC® Depth Oil Filtration is a highly effective way to remove particle contamination, water contamination and oil degradation products - all in one process. Changed cooling curve when oil is contaminated with carbon deposits will result in lower quality of processed parts.

Benefits, installing CJC® Oil Filters

  • Keeps your quench works fit for operation
  • Ensure cleaner processed parts
  • Keeps the quench oil free from particles and oxidation residues
  • Reduce risk of unplanned breakdowns and maintenance

When you install CJC® Oil Filter solutions on your quench line, you get a very effective oil filter with the highest dirt capacity suitable for system with high levels of particles or oxidation residues. This way you do not need to stop production untimely to service the oil filter. Technically, CJC® Oil Filter is known for keeping oil clean, dry and without oxidation residues, which is documented over many years and in several thousand industrial installations. When you choose CJC® Oil Filter, you reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned breakdowns, and you optimize product quality. Quench oil lifetime can be extended with a factor 3-4 and cooling curve will be stable.

Your solutions
Many sizes of CJC Oil Filters are used for the Quench works industry:

The CJC® System Solutions fit all quench plants, and we can deliver globally where required. In close co-operation with technical organizations, we help select the most fitting solution depending on system type and conditions in the environment. 

Customer Cases

Annual savings on waste oil: USD 192,240 with CJC Oil Filtration on Heat Treat Furnace, Quench Oil, Automotive Manufacturer

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