automatic air vent


The CJC® Automatic Air Vent is used to release air from the CJC® Filter Housings and makes it easy to fill or drain oil systems.

Systems are often fitted with manual venting devices that need to be opened or closed while filling or draining oil or changing filter inserts. When filling oil, there is always the risk of spills, and when draining oil there is a risk of under pressure if the manual vent device is not opened. 
With the CJC® Automatic Air Vent, it is easy to fill in or drain oil from the system without any risk of manual faults.

Applicable with the following CJC Products:
HDU Fine Filters
Off-line Oil Filtration Systems

PTU Filter Separators
Off-line Oil Filtration and Water Separation Systems

Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Filters
Polishing System for Bilge Water

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