PTU3 27/-


PTU3 27/- are off-line oil filtration systems, combining continuous water separation with oil filtration and is used for hydraulic oils, turbine lubrication oils and gear oils, removing water, particles, and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

PTU3 27/ Filter Separators are available with either automatic or manual water discharge. Filter Separators with automatic water discharge have a control box for monitoring as standard. Pressure drops can be monitored on a pressure gauge on top of the filter. They are also equipped with electric flow switch. 

The PTU3 27/- series come in the sizes 27/54, 27/81 and 27/108 using 2, 3, or 4 CJC® Filter Inserts, plus 1 CJC® Separator Element. They are available in a range of design configurations including preheaters, drip pans, tanks, and control boxes.

The PTU3 27/- series is ideal for:

  • Hydraulic oils (e.g., power packs) 
  • Boiler feed pumps 
  • Steam turbine lubrication oils 
  • Gearboxes with potential water ingress (e.g., wet crushers or marine thrusters) 
  • Lubrication oil for labelling machines
  • and similar industrial and marine application where water ingress is a recurrent problem

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