ion exchange / acid removal filters

The HDU Ion Exchange / Acid Removal Filter consists of acid/ion neutralizing filters combined with standard HDU 3-micron absolute Fine Filters with a high dirt-holding capacity.

The filter is particularly useful for turbine control systems and for regeneration of transformer oils, lowering acidity levels and removing particles, reducing tan delta and improving the surface tension.

The HDU Ion Exchange / Acid Removal Filter is available in sizes: 

2 x 27/--27, 2 x 27/--54, 3 x 27/108-81, and 4 x 27/108-108, using 1 till 4 CJC® Filter Insert and 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, or 12 Acidity Removal Inserts.

Also available with preheater. 

The HDU Ion Exchange Filter is ideal for:

  • Turbine Control Systems
  • Transformers

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