ion exchange / acidity removal filters

The Ion Exchange / Acidity Removal Filter consists of acid/ion neutralizing Filter Inserts combined with standard 3-micron absolute Fine Filtratration Inserts with a high dirt-holding capacity.

The filter is particularly useful for turbine control fluids and for regeneration of transformer oils, lowering acidity levels and removing particles, improving resistivity and the surface tension.

To be used for HFD-fluids (Phosphoric Ester), transformer oils (Insulating oils) and crankcase lube oils (gas engines).
When oils/fluids degrade they form acidity compounds, especially ester based fluids, which have access to humidity. Acidity (TAN) can increase to dangerous levels, causing acidity corrosion and etching/pitting.


  • Reduced risk of unscheduled downtime e.g. turbine trips
  • Increased oil/fluid life by reducing TAN and increasing resistivity
  • Increased machine component life

Available in 2 versions:

  • HDU 15/25-25:
    Suitable for systems with fluid volumes up to 600 ltr (160 gal) 
  • HDU 27/108-108: 
    Suitable for systems with fluid volumes up to 4,000 ltr (1,000 gal) 

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