blue baleen preconditioner (PCI)


The CJC® Blue Baleen PreConditioner Inserts (PCI) - applicable in our CJC® Blue Baleen PreConditioner (PC) - are used for conditioning of bilge water and other types of process or waste water, protecting the CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System against oil and dirt from the oily water separator.

After pre-conditioning, the water must be treated through the CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System in order to be clean enough for discharge into the sea.

Absorption Capability
The CJC® PreConditioner Inserts (PCI) absorb large oil droplets and remove particles from the bilge water before continuing to the CJC® Oil Absorb System.

The inserts can be compacted to small volume to reduce disposal cost, or for incineration.

5 µm Insert:
The coarse primary insert (5 µm) removes large oil droplets and large particles from the bilge water, effectively reducing the surface load of both the primary and the secondary inserts.

2 µm Insert:
The hydrophobic surface of the secondary insert (2 µm) serves as fine conditioner after the primary insert, continuously capturing oil droplets and particles from the bilge water, securing longer service life of the CJC® Oil Absorb Inserts.