How to take an oil sample

"Seven tools to estimate oil cleanliness and to verify filter efficiencies"
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Oil sampling plays a crucial role in maximizing machine performance and reliability while minimizing costs. By analyzing oil samples, valuable insights can be gained into the condition of your machinery and potential issues can be detected before they escalate into major problems. 


Regular oil sampling detects problems before they get costly

The initial oil samples serve as a baseline for establishing cleanliness benchmarks and identifying machines with critical contamination levels. 

Regular oil sampling allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your maintenance practices and ensure that cleanliness goals are consistently met. Moreover, oil analysis can reveal abnormal wear patterns that may require immediate attention to prevent equipment failure and costly downtime. 

To obtain the most representative oil sample, it is recommended to collect it from the area between the pump and the filter housing of an offline filter. This section typically contains the highest concentration of contaminants, providing a more accurate assessment of the oil's cleanliness. 

In cases where an offline filter is not installed, a vacuum sampling pump can be used as an alternative. When using a vacuum pump, draw the sample approximately 10 cm above the lowest point of the tank to capture a well-mixed sample. 


How to get a reliable oil sample with C.C.JENSEN's oil sample kit

To ensure reliable and consistent oil sampling, we highly recommend using C.C.JENSEN's oil sample kit. Our kit includes a 200 ml particle-free glass bottle, specifically designed for oil sampling, and it comes in ready-to-send packaging. 

The ready-to-send packaging ensures that the sample remains uncontaminated during transportation to the laboratory, preserving the integrity of the results. Taking an oil sample is easy with our test kits.

Accurate oil analysis is crucial for effective maintenance decision-making. C.C.JENSEN collaborates with independent laboratories, utilizing advanced analytical techniques to interpret analysis results with precision. 

Our extensive experience in the field enables us to provide actionable insights that will help you optimize maintenance strategies and extend the lifespan of machinery.



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