desorber/filter combi unit, D10


CJC® Desorber/Filter Combi Unit, D10, a combined product used for maintenance of oils. The unit removes large amounts of water, salt and particles from a wide range of lubricants including emulsified oils and EAL’s (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) / biodegradable lubricants in applications such as:

Marine Applications: 

  • thrusters
  • stern tubes
  • rudders
  • stabiliser fins
  • controllable pitch propeller
  • hydraulic applications

EAL's / Biodegradable Oils:

  • Esters
  • PAG'S
  • PAO'S
  • Emulsified oils

Water in oil leads to change in viscosity, reduced lubricity, formation of rust and bacterial growth and increased degradation of the oil - all factors that lead to reduced lifetime of both system components and the oil.

The Classification Society, DNV-GL, in their Technical e-Newsletter of June 12th 2013 has stated that, for their Clean Design Class Notification:

“If a biodegradable oil is used, an arrangement shall be in place to keep the water content of the oil under control”.


The CJC® Desorber/Filter Combi Unit is one unit solving problems with both water, salt and particles. One inlet and one outlet, plug-and-play type easy to install, has a small footprint area and ready to work in less than 30 minutes.

  • Removal of large amounts of water 
    - even from emulsified lubricants, 
      preventing formation of acid and microbial growth
  • Removal of particles
  • Removal of salt
  • Reduced corrosion and wear/tear of rubber made sealings
  • Extended lifetime of both oil and components
  • Prevents uncontrolled shut downs and reduces maintenance costs
  • Compact in size
  • Environmental friendly solution

Due to performance of the CJC® Oil Filters and the trust in C.C.JENSEN equipment, one of our very loyal customers ordered 78 CJC® Desorber/Filter Combi Units!

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