Class Approval / 
IACS rules and marine regulations


Compliance with IACS rules and maritime regulations

CJC® Oil Filter Systems for marine and offshore comply with IACS class rules and maritime regulations including requirements to materials certificate, Class II and III piping, SOLAS requirements, applied standards on steel and pipe work and welding and welding procedures accepted by Classification Societies.

Class approval and requirements

All CJC® Oil Filter System designs for marine and offshore, are examined by Lloyd’s Register and given Design Appraisal status, assigned in a set of Marine Design Appraisal Documents, certifying that the CJC® Filter Systems are designed and  manufactured according to Lloyd’s Register Rules and will support acceptance towards all class societies. 


  • CJC® Oil Filter Systems are normally utilized in off-line setup and regarded as non-essential equipment. Class approval is not required for this type of equipment, prior to installation

  • Installation of equipment handling oil in non-essential systems can be approved by attending class field surveyor onboard the vessel

  • Class Approval can be acquired on request, including materials certificates and inspection document endorsed by a Classification Society