filter insert LO4R

for lube oil on 4-stroke diesel engines operating on RESIDUAL fuels


The genuine CJC® Filter Insert LO4R is ideal for filtration of SAE30 and SAE40 lubricating oil on 4-stroke trunk diesel engines running on residual fuels.

Applicable for engines operating on:

  • Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO)
  • High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO)

The CJC® Filter Insert LO4R is designed for cleaning of crankcase lubricant for medium speed 4-stroke diesel engines operated on residual fuel.

The structure and composition of the CJC® Filter Insert LO4R facilitates large dirt holding capacity, removing: 

  • combustion contaminants
  • wear particles
  • oil degradation products
  • asphaltenes
  • water

Comprehensive field trials have confirmed the capability to maintain the oil cleanliness and even extend service life of the lube oil.

This specific CJC® Filter Insert LO4R is applicable 
ONLY with below CJC® Oil Filters:

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LO4R for lube oil filtration on 4-stroke diesel engines - RESIDUAL fuels_PSFI3038-UK