sensor package

C.C.JENSEN offers two kinds of Sensors:

CJC® Condition Monitoring Unit CMU
an advanced oil sensor system consisting of C.C.JENSEN validated sensors, mounted in connection to a CJC® Offline Oil Filter. The CJC® CMU is part of the CJC® Sensor Package Program also consisting of the CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM15. The CJC® CMU is available as retrofit on an existing CJC® Offline Oil Filter or as an integral part of a new CJC® Offline Oil Filter. The CJC® CMU sensor data can be extracted locally through different protocol options or send to CJC® Cloud (as part of a CJC® T²render solution) or both.

CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15
measures wear generation in oil systems. Used for hydraulic, lube and gear oils. Monitoring on the smallest micron particles using the CJC® OCM15 gives the earliest possible warning for breakdowns. The CJC® OCM measures according to the ISO: 4406 standard. The monitor is specially designed for high viscous oils.