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Scandlines, M/F Tycho Brahe, Elsinore-Helsingborg.

   System:         Main Engines, 3 pcs. Wärtsilä 6R32 
                  + 1 pcs. 6R32 (LNE), each 3000 kW
   Fuel:          MDO, ULSD (ECA operation)

   Oil type:    Castrol MHP 154
   Oil volume:   1,200 L

The M/F Tycho Brahe was using conventional means to clean the lube oil on the diesel electric propulsion units. One centrifuge per 2 engines. The cost of operation for each of the centrifuges amounted to EUR 13,000.- annually totaling EUR 26,000.- The primary cost was for heating.

On the main engines DG3 and DG4 a CJC® Oil Filter HDU 27/108 Standard and a HDU 27/108 Prototype were installed. The standard filter was fitted on the DG3 main engine and the prototype - using a frequency controller and a higher flow - was fitted on DG4 main engine. The centrifuge was left running on DG1 and DG2 for reference. 

Reduction in:

  • power to heat the oil
  • lube oil consumption
  • diesel consumption
  • sludge handling
  • emissions

The target was to deliver results equal to or better than the centrifuge.
The objective was achieved on both the standard CJC® HDU Oil Filter and the prototype CJC®  HDU Oil Filter. The result was so impressive, that the crew reported visual oil appearance as “new oil” and a significant difference when compared to the oil on DG1 and DG2 (centrifuge installations). The direct benefit obtained on installing CJC® Oil Filters was savings on the heating. Also a substantial drop in lube oil consumption on the main engines DG3 and DG4 (CJC Installations), compared to the consumption on DG1 and DG2 (centrifuge installations).Considering the savings obtained and the results gained over a period of more than 12 months, the test has been a success.

Payback time
The savings are substantial and with a standard solution, payback time is less than 7 months and the prototype solution a little over 1 year.

The reduction in power to heat the oil, leads to decrease in diesel consumption and thus lower emissions. Equally, the amount of sludge has been reduced significantly. And so has the need for new lube oil to replenish the sump.

Mr. Henrik Fald Hansen, Senior C/E:
“The installation has been an absolutely positive experience. The quality of the oil is as good as it was before, well actually better in all aspects. The appearance of the oil has changed from dark to light and looks like new oil. We are saving man-hours and chemicals which we used for cleaning the centrifuge and we have less of a mess in the engine room....."  

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