oil sampling and oil analysis

The purpose of oil sampling and oil analyses is to achieve the highest level of machine performance, reliability and output quality at the lowest possible cost. Initial samples serve to establish benchmarks and to identify machines with critical contamination levels. Routine sampling serves to document that goals are met and can indicate abnormal wear or contamination that needs to be addressed.

Quality of oil samples
Taking an oil sample is not just something you do, and if the oil is not correctly sampled, it will not give a proper image of the current state of the oil. See the CJC® Quick Oil Sampling guide to the right.

We offer to take oil samples at your plant in the right technical manner, and document the results in oil analyses from our own laboratory or independent laboratories. We are your guarantee of independent expert results and advice on clean and dry oil.

Oil Analyses - facts you can rely on
Oil analyses are performed internally or with independent laboratories and we have extensive experience in properly interpreting analysis results. Co-operating with C.C.JENSEN for your oil sampling and oil analyses, means you can rely on the results and use them as a basis for sound decision making about repairs or investments in equipment. See example of Oil Analyses report to the right.

Contact your local CJC® Supplier, to get an offer for oil sampling and oil analyses.

Oil analyses (example)

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