filter insert LO4D

for lube oil on 4-stroke diesel engines operating on DISTILLATE fuels


The genuine CJC® Filter Insert LO4D is ideal for filtration of SAE30 and SAE40 lubricating oil on 4-stroke trunk diesel engines running on distillate fuels. 

Applicable for engines operating on:

  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
  • Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)

The CJC® Filter Insert LO4D is designed for cleaning of conventional crankcase lubricant on 4-stroke diesel engines burning blended or distillate fuels. 

The CJC® Filter Insert LO4D has well balanced dirt holding capacity and high filtration efficiency for optimum control of the contamination level, removing:

  • combustion contaminants
  • wear particles
  • oil degradation products
  • asphaltenes
  • water

Comprehensive field experience has proved very long insert service life as well as extended lube oil service life.

This specific CJC® Filter Insert LO4D is applicable 
ONLY with below CJC® Oil Filters:


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LO4D for lube oil filtration on 4-stroke diesel engine - DISTILLATE fuels_PSFI3037-UK