separator element PTU3


CJC® Separator Element PTU3 is manufactured especially for CJC® Filter Separator PTU3 27/- and CJC® Filter Separator Multi Stay for water removal from mineral and synthetic-based:

  • diesel oils
  • turbine lube oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • gear oils

Features & Benefits

  • high efficiency
  • easy to clean
  • possible to retrofit

Construction and design is made simple with focus on the production method and serviceability. It’s therefore possible to easily disassemble the CJC® Separator Element to clean it. Skilled workers can assemble one separator element within 5 minutes.

To order, please contact on of our CCJ Subsidiaries or CCJ Distributors worldwide.
Article No. FB5903415.

Retrofit Guide
Click here for download Retrofit Guide for CJC® Separator Element PTU3

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