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If you experience a breakdown of your CJC® Oil Filter, and it is crucial to get into operation again quickly, then our On-site Service Teams offers speedy response, no matter where your plant is located. 

Our service engineers are highly skilled to deliver the speedy OEM repair you are looking for, and they bring along the necessary tools and spares. Naturally, we adhere to your safety procedures, while bringing the plant into operation quickly. This makes it possible for you to continue documenting the quality of your products and maintaining optimum output.

We recommend having a Service Contract in order to avoid surprises, that endanger your production. A service contract makes a solid and agreed framework, where you are certain to have a running operation without any costly surprises.

For plants where CJC® Oil Filters are a key part of the production, we experience an increasing interest in fitting monitoring systems, making it possible to foresee breakdowns before they happen.

Monitoring systems, such as the CJC® Trender Tool, measuring increasing particle numbers, water or acidity content are early warning systems that you can use to track your system status and plan preventive maintenance. The systems are retro-fitted to your oil system or CJC® Oil Filter by our On-site Service Team, giving you the optimum security of operation.

We can even offer to monitor your system from remote with our CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM 15, and contact you in case the risk of breakdown increases.

Contact your local CJC® Supplier to hear more about the possibilities.

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