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Our CJC™ product range covers oil filtration solutions for systems containing from 2 litres to above 200,000 litres - for ensuring clean & dry oil removing particles, water, acidity and oil degradation products from hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oils, diesel fuel, EAL oils etc:

Filter Inserts
Dirt and water holding capacity up to 4 L / per insert, 3 µm absolute

Fine Filters
Removal of particles and oil degradation products, and absorption of water

Filter Separators
Removal / separation of water, removal of particles and oil degradation products

Gear Flushing Unit
Flushing and Offline Oil Filtration for Wind Turbine Gearboxes - in one system

Varnish Removal Unit
Removal of contaminants from oil in Gas & Steam Turbines

Heavy Duty Filters
For mobile mining equipment working under severe conditions

Removal of large amounts of water from emulsified oils

Monitoring Equipment
Oil Contamination Monitoring OCM with particle counter

Ion Exchange Filter
Removing acidity, reducing TAN, improving resistivity and surface tension

Oil Absorb Systems
Removal of oil from bilge water, polishing systems

Oil Absorb PreConditioners
Conditioning of bilge water

For use in offline oil filtration systems


CJC™ Oil Filtration systems are ideal for oil/fluid types as:

diesel oils • diesel fuels • engine lube oils • gas oils • gear oils •  heat transfer oils • honing oils • hydraulic oils • lube oils • lubricating oils • quenching oils • rolling oils • synthetic gear oils • turbine lube oils • water glycols • EAL environmental acceptable lubricants