recalibration & maintenance guide - OCM15

The CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM15 sensor module is suitable for range of CJC® Oil Filtration systems and measures wear generation in the oil system - used for hydraulic, lube and gear oils.

The CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM15 is a high precision instrument for measurement of particles and water in oil. To ensure the reliability and functionality of the unit, it is necessary to recalibrate the sensor module at least every second year.


How to recalibrate your CJC® OCM15:
Please download the guide to the right or watch the movie above.


How to get your CJC® OCM15 picked up for recalibration:
Please read the 'Courier Booking Instructions' document to the right.


How to order a new CJC® OCM15:
Please contact your nearest CJC® supplier


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