blue baleen oil absorb system

The CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System are polishing systems, used to absorb oil from bilge water to below 5 ppm.

Based on a unique absorption principle with the specially developed and patent pending CJC® Blue Baleen CJC® OilAbsorb Inserts, the systems absorb oil from bilge water, process and waste water, ensuring environmentally friendly operations, and in compliance with environmental regulations or internal ISO 14001 Objectives and Targets. 

Typical applications are marine bilge water systems, wastewater treatment, rinse water and process water for recycling purposes.

With low operational costs, and practically no maintenance requirements, the CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb Systems are cost-effective solutions to bilge- and wastewater problems within industry and marine applications.

The CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb Systems - your guarantee for clean & dry water!

Baleen is the means by which baleen whales feed. These whales do not have teeth, but instead have rows of baleen plates in the upper jaw, looking like combs of thick hair. Whales use these combs for filter feeding. The blue whale is a baleen whale.