mobile flushing unit, MFU

Oil Filtration and Gear Flushing for Mining Applications

The CJC® Mobile Flushing Unit, MFU is used for filtration and flushing of gearboxes in rough environments, especially within the mining sector, such as truck shops, service sites etc.


  • Maximize fleet availability
  • Avoid unexpected and expensive breakdowns
  • Reduce maintenance costs - less component wear
  • Avoid oil changes and save the environment
  • Monitoring of oil cleanliness level
  • Efficient maintenance service
  • Fast flushing – 30 min. up to a few hours
  • User-friendly and easy to operate

The unit is constructed to handle high viscous gear oils even at very low temperatures. It is equipped with wheels for high mobility, integrated tank, heaters and several other unique features to handle this challenging application.

To optimise the filtration effect, the CJC® MFU automatically adjusts the flow through the filters based on oil temperature and viscosity, and a built in CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM makes it possible to monitor the oil cleanliness level during the entire filtration and flushing process.

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