EC / EO / EL filter insert

CJC® Exchange Inserts (fuller's earth, activated alumina, ion-exchange resin) are used for neutralising acidic compounds in fluids and for removing oil degradation products such as varnish, sludge and soot. The large surface area enables enhanced adsorption of these contaminants.


  • Gear and bearing lubrication 
  • Hydraulic systems incl. Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) 
  • Compressors 
  • Turbines
  • Gas engines
  • Transformers

Removing oil degradation products and reducing acidity will extend in-service-life of the fluid and reduce ageing / wear of the oil system.

The amount of acidity-reducing material needed to restore fluid properties will vary according to application, fluid type and stage of degradation.

The Exchange Filter Inserts must be used in combination with CJC® cellulose Filter Inserts as post filters, either in the last filter housing of a CJC® HDU multi stay Filter or in a CJC® HDU single stay Filter using hybrid Filter Inserts.

See data sheets for more details on the EC, EO and EL inserts.

Contact C.C.JENSEN for further information and recommendation to the best solution for your fluid and system. Regeneration is often cheaper than replacing the fluid, and downtime can often be avoided, since regeneration can be carried out with the system in operation.

Oil samples of "Transformer oil regeneration" before and after a CJC® Ion Exchange Treatment

Example curve of TAN reduction at Ortviken T5 transformer

Example curve of TAN reduction at Sira Kvina transformer